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The Alpharetta Ga MLS

In the North Fulton area of Georgia, Alpharetta Real Estate agents and Realtors of Alpharetta Ga MLS services have 2 listing services in which to showcase properties for sale in Alpharetta and surrounding North Atlanta cities.

If you have ever noticed when looking at an Alpharetta property for sale or a Alpharetta Ga MLS listing on a website or through the georgia mls, listed with a  unique set of numbers, one beginning with a 2 (example 2364782) and one beginning with a 3 (example 3764882), now you know why. These are the 2 seperate listing numbers from the GAMLS ( Georgia Multiple Listing Service) and the FMLS (First Multiple Listing Service). Details about these listing services are below.
Here is a bit about GAMLS

GAMLS has been serving the real estate community for over 40 years.

GAMLS is the largest multiple listing service in the Southeast with a 100,000 + active listing inventory.

GAMLS has over 2,700 member offices and a user-base of over 45,000 real estate professionals.

GAMLS currently has listings in 140 out of 159 Georgia counties (and are rapidly expanding to cover the entire state).

GAMLS places all listings on many public websites.

GAMLS is a board-affiliated multiple listing service (DeKalb Board of Realtors).
Here is a bit about FMLS

First Multiple Listing Service, Inc. (FMLS) is the premier data services provider for real estate professionals in Georgia.

FMLS was founded by a handful of real estate brokers in Atlanta in 1957.

FMLS membership is growing quickly and is spreading in every direction throughout Georgia and the Southeast.

FMLS has over 2,260 offices and serves more than 42,000 real estate agents.

FMLS listing database contains more than 68,000 active listings located all over Georgia and the Southeast. A network of computers, servers and third party support vendors enable member offices and agents to have immediate electronic access to all listing information maintained in the FMLS premier web-based system, 1st Connection.

FMLS, In addition to property data, their listings are enhanced by the use of photos, virtual tours, tax information, mapping, school information, census data and Alpharetta open houses and more!

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