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Powder Springs Snapshot

Powder Springs is a city in Cobb County, in the Atlanta metro area. The community was named for seven springs located here.

Powder Springs was incorporated in 1838, and at that time was called, “Springville”. Cherokee Indians populated this area at that time, and were forced out to make way for the new settlers. In 1859, the city’s name was changed to “Powder Springs”, coming from several actual springs that were in the area at that time. In-between this time, the city was briefly called “Gunpowder Springs”, because the numerous minerals found in the spring water gave it a black, gunpowder, look.

Until recently, Power Springs remained the typical sleepy, southern town, staying pretty much out of the shadow of nearby Atlanta, due to the fact it simply wasn’t right on one of the interstate roads. That eventually had to change however, as Atlanta saturated it’s suburbs to the brink, leaving very few “country” places left in the metro Atlanta area. Now, Powder Springs is experiencing explosive growth, giving it at one time recently, the distinction of being one of the top five fastest growing cities in Georgia ( per capita ).

The Lucille Creek Trail is a scenic 1.0 mile trail that crosses the Silver Comet Depot Trail at about the 10.0 mile marker.

This Trail was developed by the City of Powder Springs.

It is a 10-foot wide concrete path. It starts at the west end of downtown Powder Springs near the western bank of Lucille Creek.

The estimated population, in 2003, was 13,760.