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Doraville Snapshot

Founded in 1871, Doraville began its journey as a sleepy, agricultural community that became the industrial backbone of northeast Atlanta. The City of Doraville is on a quest of reinventing itself and setting the gold standard for a metro community.

Doraville is committed to business as well as the business of community. The City has long been an integral part of the growth and development of DeKalb County. With visionary leadership and strong community spirit, this city with a ?small town? atmosphere epitomizes the type of lifestyle many seek when deciding where to raise their families.

Doraville has a renown Parks and Recreation Department with a highly celebrated Youth Sports program that has helped develop some of the best athletes in the nation.
Doraville provides services that are second to none.

Doraville is located about 10 miles northeast of Atlanta, and is considered a major nexus, connecting the capitol city to the bustling outer suburbs. Known for its excellent services, rich diversity, and transportation system.