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Alpharetta GA Townhomes and Condos

What is a Townhome or a Townhouse?

As an Alpharetta Ga Realtor I am often asked this question. Typically Townhouses are 2 to 3 story homes lined up in a row, sharing side walls, with no neighbors above or below. In regards to Alpharetta Georgia Properties, usually, the living area is downstairs and the bedrooms upstairs. The term “townhouse” in the Alpharetta Ga mls refers to any home that shares a building with other units, particularly if there are no other units above or below. Most townhouses or townhomes listed as Alpharetta properties for sale, are multiple story (2 to 3 floor) dwellings. A buyer of an Alpharetta townhome purchases his or her individual unit, as well as the ground underneath that unit. Each townhome has its own roof, in contrast to condominiums. Townhome residents also typically belong to a homeowners’ association and pay monthly fees in exchange for the general maintenance of common outdoor areas. Alpharetta Townhomes occasionally come with such single-family home amenities as garages and backyards, for which owners generally are responsible for maintaining.

What Is A Condominium or Condo?

As an Alpharetta Real Estate agent, I am often asked this question as well. An Alpharetta buyer of a condominium buying real estate Alpharetta Georgia, owns his or her individual unit, plus a percentage of the surrounding property, including land and any amenities on the property. Residents are members of a homeowners’ association and pay a monthly fee to the association in exchange for maintenance of the common property. Each Alpharetta ga properties condominium complex has a master deed which outlines the percentage of ownership each unit in the development has invested in the entire complex. That percentage determines residents’ monthly dues to the association. Alpharetta Ga Realty Condominiums come in a wide variety of architectural styles, from 2 and 3 story buildings, arranged apartment-complex style with carports to luxury real estate for sale in Alpharetta.

To conclude, there is no such thing as a condominium townhome in the Alpharetta ga mls.

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